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Your complimentary download presents and discusses People v. Berrios. The insured made claim for a vehicle theft then made a claim for contents. Throughout the course of the investigation inconsistencies became apparent, and fraud was suspected. The case was investigated, and it was determined that the insured had fabricated the claim in total.

On May 8, 2008, Riverside Police Officer Michael Boulerice contacted Lilliam Ivette Berrios about a report concerning the theft of her automobile. She said her ex-boyfriend, whom she identified as Juan Carlos Lopez, took the keys to her 2009 Toyota Corolla, stating he was going to borrow the car. Ms. Berrios stated that the vehicle had stock tires and rims, and did not mention any property as having been in the vehicle when it was taken.

A week later, May 15, 2012, Ms. Berrios contacted the Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) and submitted an insurance claim for the stolen car. The vehicle had already been recovered. The next day, a theft adjuster from AAA contacted Ms. Berrios about her claim; Ms. Berrios stated that her boyfriend went to her residence to talk about their relationship. He asked to borrow the Toyota and she said no, but he took the keys and the vehicle despite her refusal. The vehicle was financed and Ms. Berrios was behind in her payments. Again, Ms. Berrios did not claim any property was in the vehicle when it was stolen.  READ MORE

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