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Who Will Be Liable If an Autonomous Vehicle
Is Involved in an Accident?
With BMW's "auto-drive" 5 Series already on the road, and GM’s "self-driving" Cadillac in testing, the driverless car may become a reality as early as 2020. With this possibility comes a critical question: Who will be liable if an AV is involved in an accident?

Regardless of where the liability lies, insurance is going to be involved. There are many issues that need to be resolved, many of which cannot be solved in advance of states creating legislation or even the first lawsuit to determine liability when an AV has an accident.

In the following video, Moderator Christine Barlow—Associate Editor of FC&S Online, the premier resource for insurance coverage analysis—speaks with Guy Fraker on the possibilities and concerns associated with autonomous vehicles:

1. Will there be enough data to demonstrate that this type of vehicle is a good risk to insure?
2. If the automated features were added as alternation, will the insurer be comfortable with the alterations?
3. Over time, will the motor vehicle record of the driver become less important and the characteristics of the vehicle become more important?
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