Top News   August 4, 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Alligator Risk Tops List of Weirdest Claims
Claims never seem to be routine when animals are involved. As insurance professionals told us, animals complicate matters by chewing, devouring, stomping, or even just lying motionless. Click here to read a recap of incidents involving man's furry, feathered, and scaly friends.

BP Claim Payments Surpass $256 Million
Having already paid $256 million in claims, BP plans to issue at least $60 million in advance payments in August to claimants across the Gulf Coast. Read more about the payment schedule and what it means for those whose livelihoods have been affected by the spill here.

Storm Losses Batter 2Q Results for Several Insurers
High U.S. storm losses affected a number of earnings announcements late last week, eclipsing normal weather-related losses for this time of year and impacting profitability. For instance, State Auto Financial Corp. reported a 2010 2Q net loss of $26.2 million compared with a net loss of $3.2 million for the same period last year. Read more

Tweet Suite Digest — August 4, 2010
Claims Magazine is twittering every day about breaking news and timely topics, not to mention keeping readers up to date on the latest postings to What can Twitter do for you? Click to find out.

Fraud of the Week: Triple Play
In late June, authorities nabbed three New York residents for forging and cashing claim checks. So what will happen to the transgressing trio that stole close to $500,000 in a plot that ran for nearly a decade? Read about the charges and possible sentences here.

Claims IQ

Each week we test readers on their claim knowledge. This week's question is:

This long-awaited procedure to permanently seal BP's crippled Gulf oil well appears to be working, CNN reports.

A. Direct injection
B. Manifold coagulant
C. Static kill
D. Top kill

Answer Here!

Last week's question was:

According to the National Weather Service, every thunderstorm produces lightning. On average, how many people are injured each year in the U.S. by lightning?

A. 300
B. 600
C. 150
D. 425

Our astute e-News readers missed the mark last time, as only 14 percent knew that lightning inflicts harm on about 300 people each year. Let's see how you fare with this week's trivia inspired by the cautious optimism surrounding the damaged Gulf oil well.

Here are the final results for last week:

A. 14%
B. 43%
C. 10%
D. 30%

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