Top News   August 11, 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Q&A With Ken Feinberg
Claims Magazine spoke with the man President Obama appointed as "pay czar" of the $20 billion BP oil spill compensation fund, Ken Feinberg. In this exclusive Q&A, he talks about the claim process and what must happen for people to get the money they need. Read more

I.I.I.: P&C Employment Stabilizing, Adjusting Jobs Still Depressed
The recession that began in December 2007 has caused employment in insurance to drop across multiple sectors, including claim adjusting. As I.I.I. reports, the claim adjusting profession has suffered quite a blow, having lost thousands of jobs since the start of the recession. Read the statistics related to claim adjusters, reinsurers, TPAs, and other industry professionals here.

Legislation Would Split Costs on Concurrent Wind/Water Hurricane Claims
On July 29, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss) introduced legislation that would split the difference on "wind vs. water" claims after a hurricane. It appears that the legislation is garnering little support within the property and casualty insurance industry. Find out what critics are saying here.

Tweet Suite Digest — August 11, 2010
Claims Magazine is twittering every day about breaking news and timely topics, not to mention keeping readers up to date on the latest postings to What can Twitter do for you? Click to find out.

Fraud of the Week: Just Desserts
One Pennsylvanian admitted to orchestrating dozens of fake accidents in a conspiracy that involved staged auto accidents, phony police reports, and personal injury claims in excess of $1 million. How much time will Wallace "Popsicle" Morris serve in the "cooler" for his misdeeds? Find out here.

Claims IQ

Each week we test readers on their claim knowledge. This week's question is:

I.I.I. reports that overall employment in the P&C insurance sector has dropped ___ since the recession began in 2007.

A. 2 percent
B. 5.5 percent
C. 10.5 percent
D. 30 percent

Answer Here!

Last week's question was:

This long-awaited procedure to permanently seal BP's crippled Gulf oil well appears to be working, CNN reports.

A. Direct injection
B. Manifold coagulant
C. Static kill
D. Top kill

There's no fooling our adept e-News readers, as most identified BP's recent operation that successfully stopped the flow of oil from the broken well. But have you been paying attention to the industry's employment trends? Let's find out!

Here are the final results for last week:

A. 9%
B. 3%
C. 67%
D. 21%

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