Top News   May 19, 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Drywall…Where Are We Now?
There is still considerable media buzz surrounding Chinese drywall. For many homeowners the nightmare is far from over, as they wait to find out when payment might arrive and by whom. Why are culpable manufacturers not answering U.S. courts? Read more

NICB: Questionable Claims Up 46 Percent
A report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau shows that staged-accident questionable claims increased 46 percent from 2007 through 2009. So what cities and states generated the highest number of suspicious claims? Find out here.

Swiss Re Looks Beyond Risk Models
While good governance, disclosure, and modeling are all vital components, effective risk management also entails creating a proactive culture and examining the reality beyond the models. Read here about the recent Swiss Re report and what the firm has to say to risk managers.

Tweet Suite Digest — May 19, 2010
Claims Magazine is twittering every day about breaking news and timely topics, not to mention keeping readers up to date on the latest postings to What can Twitter do for you? Click to find out.

Fraud of the Week: Super Size My Fraud
A Kingston, N.Y., woman is accused of going to some extreme lengths to continue collecting workers' comp benefits while allegedly working another job. She now faces charges of perjury, insurance fraud, and identity theft, among other offenses. Read more

Claims IQ

Each week we test readers on their claim knowledge. This week's question is:

According to the NOAA Storm Prediction Center's preliminary projections, about ___tornadoes were reported last month.

A. 3
B. 18
C. 56
D. 195

Answer Here!

Last week's question was:

According to the National Fire Protection Association, U.S. fire departments respond to an estimated average of ___ intentional fires each year.

A. 573
B. 18,000
C. 316,600
D. 2 million

America's fearless firefighters respond to roughly 316,000 intentionally set blazes each year. These arson cases cause a whopping $1.1 billion in property losses, NFPA reports. Let's now shift our focus to tornadoes, as April usually signifies the beginning of the active season. Overall, last month boasted above-average temperatures and precipitation. But what about twisters?

Here are the final results for last week:

A. 3%
B. 23%
C. 46%
D. 28%

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