April 19, 2010

Six Things You Should Never Tell a Branch Manager
By Mark Elzweig, Executive Search Consultant
Conversations between branch managers and prospective hires should not include any of the following gaffes. more…
Practice Management
Time for a Transition (VIII): How to Grab a Niche Market
By Marie Swift, CEO, Impact Communications
Scott Hanson and Pat McClain, co-founders of Hanson McClain Advisors in Sacramento, Calif., have built their business by targeting employees of telecoms and utilities. more…
How Baird Keeps Hiring Wirehouse Advisors
By Janet Levaux, Managing Editor
Denise Wypiszenski, COO of Baird Private Wealth Management, explains why wirehouse and other advisors are joining the broker-dealer, which now includes 670 advisor associates. more…
Employment Trends
Jobs Gain Overall, But Finance Sectors Stumble in March 2010
By Jeff Testerman, Vice President, BrokerHunter.com
March 2010 employment in the securities industry turned out to be less than stellar, with another loss of about 0.3 percent or 2,800 jobs, though total employment has been rising across the economy. more…
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