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Annuity Sales Buzz
December 2009, Vol. 3, Issue 8 For getting your share of today's
hottest products

Top story: Rethinking variable annuities

By Terry Mullen - We've heard all the stories. Variable annuities cost too much. They're not tax efficient. They're too complicated. And while many advisors love them, some won't go near them. But looking back at the last decade, these annuities were one of the best investment products to help clients get through this economy. Advisors who thought the extra basis points spent on bonuses and guarantees were worthwhile have been vindicated. The VA's floor kept investors' retirement savings above water. And many clients who opted for voluntary living benefits got a guaranteed percent—as much as 5% or 6%—on top of that. Add the step-up feature that locks in account gains, and VA policyholders have an easier road to rebuilding their retirement income than…
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Ask the expert: Changes ahead for variable annuities?

Question: What changes can the insurance industry expect to see from variable annuity providers in 2010?
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Inside track from National Underwriter

Securities and Exchange Commission offers to delay Rule 151A
Finra unveils variable insurance communications draft
Insurer wants Commission to start over on 151A
Lawyer interprets 151A ruling
Index annuities are looking good: Advantage
Educator blasts Senate bill's fiduciary responsibility section
Groups oppose fiduciary mandate
Frank packages financial bills for quick consideration
Rebutting senseless views on index annuities
A new competitive advantage for annuities
What if consumers refuse to answer suitability questions?
Labor withdraws investment advice regulations
Firm offers registered investment adviser compliance services
National Planning to support main street reps

More buzz

American International Group: recent developments
More 3Q sales statistics
Quick tips: Using annuities for income solutions
Graphic: Objections are not on target
Fixed annuity interest rates as of December 2009

Quiz question

Question: Within what period of time does the Securities and Exchange Commission plan to fully implement Rule 151A, after the final rule is issued?
a) 6 months
b) 1 year
c) 18 months
d) 2 years
e) 3 years
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