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November 2009, Vol. 3, Issue 7 For getting your share of today's
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Top story: The deferred income annuity is a hybrid worth considering

By Warren Hersch - Might a product that offers a guaranteed future income stream, one that can be bought at a fraction of the cost of a single premium immediate annuity, appeal to some clients? If so, then the deferred income annuity might be an option. "Two features of the deferred income annuity make it a potentially very attractive alternative to other products," says Curtis Cloke, a financial advisor at Two Rivers Financial Group and chief executive officer of Thrive Income Distribution System, Burlington, Iowa. "First, there is an accumulation period, which is not typical of an income annuity; and second, there is a distribution period." The deferred income annuity is thus a happy cross between…
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Ask the expert: Group variable annuities

Question: What are group variable annuities and how do I decide when to recommend those products rather than individual variable annuities?
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Inside track from National Underwriter

Court may toss 151a order
Firm battles Rule 151A
Panel okays Investor Protection Act bill
Investor Protection Act raises alarms at advisor forum
Agents get safe harbor on proposed fiduciary standard
The convergence of deferred annuity benefits
Fiduciary requirement for agents counter to public needs: testimony
At need impaired risk annuity: A little known solution
Viewpoint: The money is starting to move
Insurers' group addresses fiduciary issue
Want to improve annuity designs? Collaborate
Hartford's McGee: Annuities still on menu
Index annuities target income
Immediate annuity has liquidity

More buzz

Compensation, oversight, and more at American International Group
The status of fixed annuity interest rates: November 2009
Graphic: Eyeing the proposed Investor Protection Act
Quotable: on the impaired risk annuity
Did you know: Financial confidence tally
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Quiz question

Question: Which characteristics might signal that the customer would be interested in considering purchase of an at-need impaired risk annuity?
a) Requires, or is starting to require, increasing levels of care
b) Does not have a long life expectancy
c) Meets underwriting standards for standalone long term care insurance
d) Answers a) and b) only
e) Answers a), b) and c)
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