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Successful prospecting goes beyond the numbers game
The current renewal bidding war has most of you scrambling to work harder than ever before, with less or nothing to show for it. Yet even in these tough times, successful producers understand that they must continually prospect for new business and make it their priority. Find out how you can turn your prospects into customers here.

Wal-Mart's legal woes increase
A federal appeals court has certified the largest class-action employment lawsuit in U.S. history over alleged gender bias in pay and promotions, following an $11.7 million settlement with the EEOC. Read more here.

The new healthcare law: What it means to agents and brokers
It's heeeere…and in spite of all the angst, passage of the healthcare reform law could mean new sales and consulting opportunities for agents and brokers. Read our interview with a professional who was privy to the Capitol Hill healthcare reform discussions to learn what you can really expect from the controversial new law. Read the story here.

"Real time" is the right time to improve work habits
Agents and brokers who have implemented real time and download are seeing staff time savings, faster client response and increased sales. And the new Real Time 21-Day Challenge is a great way to jumpstart your agency's use of this technology. Read the story here.

In staffing, all it takes is one bad apple
"Bad apples" have common habits: frequent complaining, engaging in office gossip and outright work avoidance. What's worse, they can have significant residual effects on any office morale. Read about how one young agent, just starting up his business, is dealing with the bad apples here.

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Is the financial reform bill in its current form a good idea?

• Yes
• No
• It needs more revision

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Poll results from May

1. Besides the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, which volcanic eruption over the last 50 years incurred the highest economic losses?

• 1982, Mount Galunggung, Indonesia
• 1994, Rabaul/Tavavur, Papua New Guinea
• 1982, El Chichon, Mexico
• 1985, Nevado Del Ruiz, Colombia — 10% of respondents answered correctly.
• 1983, Mount Gamalama, Indonesia

Source: "Insurance risks from volcanic eruptions in Europe," Willis Research Network. Willis states that when converted to 2007 U.S. dollars, Mount Galunggung sustained $306 million, Rabaul/Tavavur sustained $531 million, El Chichon sustained $224 million, Nevado Del Ruiz sustained $1.719 billion and Mount Gamalama sustained $275 million.


2. How many of your carriers use some form of "real time" technology?

• None — 0%
• A few — 20%
• More than half — 40%
• Most — 40%
• All — 0%


3. What's the best insurance solution for coastal property coverage?

• Standard private market — 42.9%
• Excess & surplus lines market — 47.6%
• Program market — 9.5%
• Some type of federal program — 0%

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