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AA&B's most popular November articles

Lawsuit woes continue for Goldman
The bank faces lawsuit over $1.2 billion Hudson CDO deal. Read more here.

Harnessing the power of intelligent workflows
It's just another term for "work smarter, not harder," but it can make all the difference in an agency's profitability. Read more here.

Healthcare reform is here: What's next for agents?
Market opportunities for brokers of small group accounts and individual accounts should remain healthy and even improve through 2013. But what are the risks? Read more here.

FDIC plan places insurance burden on larger banks
FDIC to base deposit insurance fees on a measure of banks' assets, not total domestic deposits. Read more here.

No M&A malaise for M&As
M&A activity may be down for most of the insurance industry, but one exception are managing general agencies and managing general underwriters, which are increasingly viewed as M&A targets. Read more here.

AA&B Pulse

Each week we ask our readers for input on current industry issues. This week's question:

Are you OK with your employees shopping from the office on Cyber Monday?

• Yes
• No
• I'm doing it myself!

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Poll results from November

1. How is your favorite professional or college football team doing this year?

• Great — 12.5%
• Things could be better — 50%
• Wait until next year — 37.5%


2. Will the outcome of this week's elections result in improvements to the economy?

• Yes — 38.8%
• No — 43.3%
• Not sure — 17.9%


3. What's your employment picture for 2011?

• We will be hiring — 37.9%
• We will be laying off — 10.4%
• We won't make any changes — 37.9%
• Not sure — 13.8%

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