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Poll: Do insurance professionals need ethical guidelines?
The Institutes have introduced a set of ethical guidelines designed to assist all insurance professionals, based on the Code applicable to all CPCUs and those seeking the CPCU designation. Do you think insurance professionals need formalized ethical guidelines? Take this week's AA&B poll here.

Volcanic opportunities are out there
When an Icelandic volcano erupted and messed up European travel, it also spewed forth some opportunities for creative independent agents and brokers. Read Chris Amrhein's June "Policy Issues" article on how to spin lava into consultative gold here.

Are you operating like a law firm?
Law firms are notorious for being inefficient places to work. Do insurance agencies operate like law firms when it comes to operational processes? In this month's "For the Manager" column, Phil Lieberman outlines what agencies can do to avoid operational logjams and streamline internal processes here.


Diversity in insurance: beyond the quotas
According to 2005 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, minorities make up one third of the overall U.S. population — and the 2010 census will probably show that our nation continues to grow more diverse each year. When it comes to the workplace and competing together as a business, however, diversity is broader than ethnic, cultural or religious differences — it's about inclusion. Read one insurance executive's take on how to promote this important element into business diversity tactics here.

Insurance licensing must expand digital capabilities
While real-time transactions have become common in the consumer world, the insurance licensing industry, with its unique regulatory requirements, could be doing much more with technological advancements to catch up. Maryellen Waggoner, president of the National Insurance Producer Registry, talks about improvements NIPR is making to streamline the licensing process. Read about it here.

Hartford at 200 and the importance of agents
How has the role of the independent insurance agent changed over the years? In celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, The Hartford is in a unique position to answer this question. Find out what Juan Andrade, president and COO of The Hartford's property-casualty operations, has to say about what's different — and what isn't — about agent-insurer relations here.

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