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How many of your carriers use real time technology?
A recent LinkedIn group discussion focuses on the ultimate chicken-and-egg question: Why would carriers want to offer real-time technology if their agents aren't using it? Weigh in on how many of your carriers are offering some form of real time at an AA&B reader poll here.

Do you have what it takes to be the champion? Enter now for Commercial Agency Awards for Excellence!
For the first time, AA&B is partnering with National Underwriter in calling for entries from its readers for the 2010 Commercial Agency Awards for Excellence competition. Entries are due July 1. Read all about the award program here.


"Real time" is the right time to improve work habits
Agents and brokers who have implemented real time and download are seeing staff time savings, faster client response and increased sales. And the new Real Time 21-Day Challenge is a great way to jump start your agency's use of this technology. Read the story here.

Successful prospecting goes beyond the "numbers game"
The current renewal bidding war has most of you scrambling to work harder than ever before, with less or nothing to show for it. Yet even in these tough times, successful producers understand that they must continually prospect for new business and make it their priority. Find out how you can turn your prospects into customers here.

Avoiding HR lawsuits in a shaky economy
Although the economy seems to be slowly improving, many businesses will be forced to lay off workers and delay promotions. Historically, as the number of employee layoffs increase, the potential for litigation also rises. Learn how you can protect your customers and your own business from employment-related lawsuits here.

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