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What's the best solution for coastal property coverage?
Agents and brokers writing business on the coast are constantly challenged to obtain the best coverage for their customers. What's your go-to form of insurance for these risks? Take a quick poll here.

Are you paying your employees what you owe them?
If you haven't heard of wage-and-hour lawsuits, chances are you soon will. Although class action lawsuits against large employers like Wal-Mart attract the most attention, your business also can be at risk: the Dept. of Labor estimates that 80 percent of employers are not in compliance with wage-and-hour laws. In our May "Avoiding E&O" column, attorney and agency E&O specialist Matt Marrone tells how you can protect yourself against this new threat. Read the article here.

Break out of the box!
Sales prospects constantly put agents and brokers into a box labeled "peddler," "insurance salesman" or "vendor." Fritz Koehler, in his May "Strictly Sales" column, talks about how to break out of that box by challenging prospect perceptions of your value to their business. Read the article here.


In staffing, all it takes is one bad apple
"Bad apples" have common habits: frequent complaining, engaging in office gossip and outright work avoidance. What's worse, they can have significant residual effects on any office morale. Read about how one young agent, just starting up his business, is dealing with the bad apples here.

Why agents need to know green
Staying current in the rapidly changing "green insurance world" should be a priority for agents and brokers who view themselves as professional advisors to their clients. Read a story by "green expert" Skip Rawstron on what you can do to get into green.

AA&B special report: Perilous times make agency E&O a must
Soft market woes, cutthroat competition, a lousy economy and forced layoffs. If any time in history ever screamed for producers to carry E&O insurance, this is it! In an exclusive AA&B reader survey, learn about what your peers are doing with this coverage. Read story here.

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