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Is your business suffering from social media blockage?
Everybody's talking about the importance of business involvement in social media, but many businesses are still blocking employee access to some sites. Is your company one of them? Let us know in this week's AA&B Question here.

Losing business to a competitor is no cause for lawsuit
In his April AA&B column on the law, attorney Barry Zalma takes a look at how far agents and brokers can go in "stealing" business away from a competitor. Is all fair in love, war and insurance? Read his column here.

Flowers, fools bloom for BAC
Insurance policy expert Chris Amrhein examines the intricacies of the ISO BAC form in this month's "Policy Issues" column. Read it here.


Earthquake areas need seismic building codes
Earthquakes are striking with increased frequency all over the world — and in the U.S., they're not restricted to the West Coast. Wanda Edwards of the Institute for Home and Business Safety (IHBS) examines the risks in each region of the country, and what some states are doing about building code requirements. Read more here.

Successful prospecting goes beyond the "numbers game"
When it comes to landing new business, top producers implement a sophisticated way to regularly communicate with a pre-selected group of prospects. Find out how you can do the same here.

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